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The People You Meet

Lauren web cropped.fwGoing to college is all about new experiences, even if it also feels like you’re leaving things and people behind. As a senior in high school, I knew I wanted to attend college, but I knew that I would need a job on campus to help cover the cost. I wasn’t looking at a job as this perfect way to meet people since I was leaving my great high school job. I thought I would just look for anything available and make enough money to support myself.

After a little searching, I found a job in the Post Office on campus. At first it was just a regular job where I worked with other students and supervisors, but they were quickly beginning to feel more like friends than just co-workers

I soon realized I would need more experiences in my field to write on my résumé, and so I looked into internships. I went to an English alumni panel, where I met Genna Kasun. After I listened to each alum discuss what they enjoyed about their jobs, I was very interested in Genna’s work with the Marketing department. She mentioned she was looking for interns, so I contacted her about an interview. She immediately recognized me as “the post office girl,” which was a surprising benefit of working at the post office because you meet lots of faculty and staff by delivering their mail. After a lot of crossed fingers and toes, I had a second job as Genna’s intern.

As a Marketing intern, an employee at the Post Office, and a full time student, I have learned the importance of managing my time well and taking naps. Naps are very important. While working for Genna, during the school year and over the past two summers I have been able to let my voice be heard. I’ve found myself writing for the Admission and Alumni magazines, attending conferences at other colleges, researching grant funders, editing grants, and so much more. She has given me so many amazing opportunities and provided me with skills and experiences that I will definitely use in my intended career as an Editor ─ I am forever grateful.

My job at the Post Office has also shown me how important it is to never stop forming relationships with people. Even though I knew I was leaving some great people by going to college, my supervisor Lori Hughes has become so much more to me than just my boss. She gives me such insightful guidance that goes beyond just being an employee at the Post Office. She always encourages me to pursue my goals, she says, “You should be happy in whatever you do in life, so don’t be scared to make the big life decisions.” When you meet someone that just gives advice and truly cares about your life, it is an incredible experience.

It’s an amazing thing when you walk in the door looking for a job and meet inspiring people that you might never have otherwise. What I didn’t realize then, is that the process of meeting people that will have a remarkable and significant impact on your life never really ends.