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Application of my Juniata Education: The Real World


Over the summer this year I was fortunate enough to work for a corporation in Philadelphia by the name of SPIN, Special People in the Northeast. This corporation is extremely large and works towards educating and servicing individuals of all ages who have disabilities. I was fortunate enough to be able to not only earn the job as a lead camp counselor, but also to have an opportunity for this job to count as college credit and an internship.

While working at SPIN, my duties included planning and leading the weekly activities, accommodating needs, administering first aid, monitoring/regulating behaviors, supervising trips, interacting with parents, and serving as a leader to senior and junior camp counselors. It was a lot of responsibility to take on but extremely fun and rewarding to see the effects of my hard work!


Studying education at Juniata really prepared me for this job. There were so many techniques that I learned in class that I applied to my experience as a camp counselor. I felt comfortable being in charge, even though a lot of the staff was older than me. I felt confident in my ability to apply my education and leadership skills to my work.

A large part of why I was hired was because of my education and involvement at Juniata. The many skills and experiences that I was able to add to my resume really helped me get the position, such as the work I did in the Early Childhood Education center on campus. On my application, I was also able to include the work I did for the Special Olympics. Because of these opportunities at Juniata, I felt extremely prepared for the scenarios and questions that were asked during the interview. It was great to see that my college degree is already paying off before it is even complete! I can’t wait to see what I can do next, once I graduate.