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Huntingdon “Flavor Town” Part 1 – Muleady Musings

Daniel Muleady
Daniel Muleady ’22, Multimedia Production and Analysis POE, My Mom Thinks I’m Special

Juniatians and People of Huntingdon,

Sometimes, the ever faithful “Cinco Cantina” station at Baker can’t deliver. Perhaps you’ve already exhausted your fill of the “Clean Plate” stir-fry with onions, black beans, snap peas, both meats, white rice, and bell peppers doused in oil (rather than water, since oil gives it that desirable distinctly roasted flavor). In fact, is it really even stir-fry if it’s just sautéed in a regular frying pan instead of, being fried in a wok?

Just like my old gym teacher used to say, “The more of something you have, the more of it you don’t want.” –Old Gym Teacher

Not to slam Baker Refectory – I think the food has massively improved over the three years that I’ve been here. But every once in a while, I’ll finish my dinner, drop my plates off at the wash site, and there is a peculiar emptiness in my stomach that can only be filled by non-Baker food.

As a junior going into my senior year in the fall, I’ve compiled a list of my “go-to off campus college meals” that nourish my soul, yet are tremendously unhealthy if they ever replace your regular meal schedule. Also, I will add that the majority of these are not vegan/vegetarian/gluten/lactose friendly despite my lactose-intolerant digestive system but I do guarantee that they are a delicious balance between stomach and soul satisfaction.


The Muleady Musings – Law ‘N Order ‘N More

Daniel Muleady
Daniel Muleady ’22, Multimedia Production and Analysis POE, My Mom Thinks I’m Special

When in the power of the bored, time can be dangerous. I spent the last three weeks visiting every single lawn on Juniata’s campus (as well as a few in the neighborhood) and ranked them on a score from one to 100. The video that was put out on YouTube and IGTV, was but a mere summary yet entertaining dose of silliness. On my own personal Instagram @danyell_00, I plan on releasing the bloopers for that video as I managed to cut out over two hours of me rambling in front of a green screen and some bits were just too good to not to show.

However, today I bring to you the true culmination of my bizarre gardening analysis. Here is a spreadsheet of 259-ish lawns with their pros and cons, along with my ranking out of a score of 100. If you have any opinions that differ with mine, I hope know that this uneditable spreadsheet will forever hold a wrong opinion that will linger in your subconscious for days.

Well, I’ll let you explore for yourselves. If you really don’t have time, I’d suggest reading only the colored ones but I promise you that some of the best commentaries are the special ones hidden in the rows and rows of endless words. Ciao!

Summer Special With Brohan – An Insider Review

It’s finally here! The finale of the “Summer Special” vlogs has arrived just in time for the start of September, capping off what has been a unique series of student-made videos. Throughout the quarantine months, we have been taken on expeditions to and from some of Huntingdon’s finest spots and, every other week, we see the quiet college town through the eyes of Rohan Bandekar, or “Brohan,” and his interactions with the various personalities in the Juniata College community.

This installment sees part two of Rob Yelnosky’s tour of Huntingdon and the utterly thrilling conclusion of the OIP and All-American dilemma that fans were left with at the close of Episode 5. While everyone has their own favorite Italian eatery, Rob boldly declared that OIP was his one true creator of savory wheat-based products. Although he was remiss to mention which OIP was the best pizza place, devoted fans of the show were very understanding that the choice would be impossible to make since no one has actually been to the establishment in Mount Union. Despite the absent holistic view of Mid-Pennsylvania Pizza chains, Episode 6 proved to have much more in store regarding locations and beautiful sights. However, I am not here to summarize the episode for you…