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Breaking Out of My Shell: This Week at Juniata


Some people love their first year of college. Other people struggle academically, or socially, or may have an “off” semester. Last year, I rocked back and forth between liking school, drowning in work, and having a hard time socially, which made my first year at Juniata a little strenuous for me. However, I am back for my sophomore year and it has started out with a BANG!

I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the hosts for This Week At Juniata, a weekly web show about different events happening throughout campus each week, which is then sent out to students and posted on Facebook to gain more attention to events on campus. I have never had a job acting in front of a camera before, but I am a Theatre Performance POE, so this has been amazing exposure and a really great skill-building process for me! I have met so many people through working on the show, and have gotten so close to my co-host, director, producer, editor, cameraman, and boss. Each week we plan an outline for the show to be filmed on Monday, which is then released on Thursday. Although a potential script is written by the producer, with input from my co-host and I, a lot of the work is improv! Sarah (my co-host) and I are really comfortable with each other (even though she is a senior and I am a sophomore).  We have so much fun goofing off, doing ridiculous things, and laughing on camera. 

Working on This Week At Juniata has also helped me a lot socially. I tend to be very closed off when meeting new people, but now strangers will come up to me on the quad and tell me how much they liked this week’s episode, or that they love my outfit, or they think I’m hilarious. This feels incredibly weird, yet very flattering at the same time! I really cannot thank the Digital Media Studio enough for allowing me to be a part of such an amazing show. (They are also responsible for a lot of footage of events, creating videos for the Admissions Office and televisions around campus, and so much more behind the scenes work that I am not even aware of!) 

I feel so much more supported by others around me now that I have this exposure to the entire Juniata community, and my confidence has skyrocketed as well! The hosts for This Week At Juniata change each year, so you never know, you may be selected to host in the upcoming years! 

Attached is a link to our most recent episode, but you can check out all of our weekly shows on the Juniata Facebook page!