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How to Survive Finals

Studying in the Library
Studying in the Library

It’s that time of the semester. The end has come and so have the finals. The two most stressful weeks of the semester are the last two. The week before finals is usually the week that papers are due, scrambling to get group projects done, or just ignoring everything because you’re sleeping. The most important thing you can do is continue to tell yourself that you will get through this horrible time!

There are two people during finals. The first student (me) is the one who has a final in every class and needs to remember that there is a light at the end of the finals tunnel. The second student is the one who either has one final or doesn’t have any at all. If you are lucky enough to not have finals, don’t share that with the people who have enough for a small army.

For the students who have finals, hang in there! We can do this! The most important thing to remember for finals is to remain calm and study hard. Start using your time management skills and hit the books. Do remember, with tons of studying there is a need for breaks. One of the breaks must be used to go to Madrigal. Grab a dress, put on some shoes, and head to the beautiful IM gym to dance the night away! But seriously, go to the dance!

The key to getting through finals week is to work hard, dance a little, and rock your finals!