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It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year


I saw this funny graphic online that said “trying to relax on Thanksgiving break knowing I have 3 papers, five finals, and the cure for cancer due when I get back.” It made me think about how after Thanksgiving break, there are only two weeks left of my first semester as a junior. I used to always laugh when adults would say that college flies by, especially because of the countless hours I spend on homework and assignments. I didn’t see how it could possibly go fast. But here I am, two weeks away from the end of the semester again, wondering where the time went.

I absolutely do not wish that the semesters were longer because I’m not going to lie, I am absolutely spent! However, I wish that it didn’t go faster than a blink. I was packing my bags to move in just yesterday. My dad dropped me off and hugged me goodbye. I barely feel like I’ve moved in yet. And here we are at the end of the semester: crunch time.

Homework is one thing. But preparing for finals week is one of my least favorite things to do. It comes up so fast! This year, I have even more on my plate than I did at Thanksgiving. And although a lot of it is just stuffing right now, the turkey is coming up quickly. 

Kind of like with Thanksgiving dinner, preparing for the end of the semester is pretty similar. If you take too much too fast, you’re bound to blow up. But that’s why pacing yourself is important. Like with anything in college, planning and strategy is key. It seems impossible at times, but if you persevere and hang in there, the end of your semester and an empty plate are in the near future.

The new year is coming. And with the new year, that means new things. So here’s to the successful end of the semester even if that means three papers, five finals, and the cure to cancer.