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Juniata, Meet HerCampus

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I got an email awhile back from an acquaintance that I met through working in the Enrollment Office. She and another girl were starting up a HerCampus chapter at Juniata and they wanted me to be involved. At first, I was kind of shocked. I didn’t even know what HerCampus was.

I went on their website and was generally pleased with what I saw. It seemed a little like Buzzfeed for girls on college campuses, so there are a lot of stories, blog posts, and pictures – a great way to express yourself and, if I’m being honest, a place to procrastinate.

I went to the first meeting and found out that HerCampus was originally started by a group of gals during their time at Harvard – it has expanded, so that many different universities and college have a page on the main website. Each campus can express themselves on their page and really gear it towards what specific activities are happening at each institution.

There was a lot of excitement at that meeting and it was infectious! Now, I have written about four articles for Juniata’s chapter of HerCampus – my favorite being an article about thrifting!┬áSince the group came together about two or so months ago, we have grown considerably, having a lot of amazing people on campus writing for us. I have been very impressed with the organization of the group, plus the strong writing and content that has emerged from the group! I can’t wait to see where HerCampus ┬áJuniata goes next semester.