Huntingdon Part 2 | Episode 6 | Summer Special w/ Brohan

Let’s ‘settle’ the rivalry between OIP and All American, find out about some well-kept secrets in Huntingdon, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find out about the oldest barbershop in all of Pennsylvania. (ahaha wait what). Also, stay tuned 😉 brohan cooking up some specials for the non-summer special show – coming soon! (yes I referred to myself in third person)

Huntingdon Part 1 | Episode 5 | Summer Special w/ Brohan

Take a tour of the metropolis of Huntingdon and explore some best-kept secrets, downtown restaurants, and learn more about the history of this beautiful place.

Exploring (temporarily) abandoned buildings at Juniata | Episode 4 | Summer Special w/ Brohan

Take a look inside temporarily abandoned buildings at Juniata, throwback to the last semester, and meet my friend Nikunj! – Rohan

Weekend Shenanigans | Episode 3 | Summer Special w/ Brohan

Yo what’s up JC, brohan here! Here’s a fun one about my first Fourth of July weekend in the States. Explore Raystown Lake with me, learn how to make the best grilled cheese in the world (you’ll be proud of me mom), and finally get a glimpse of the fireworks show in Huntingdon. Also, thank you Rob for inviting me to your boat!


17 Office gifs that show that the struggle is real when writing your college essay

Kat Swantak
Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

It’s July, and while no one really knows how college admissions going to work in the fall, you could be using this time to gear up for working on those college apps. While applications aren’t live yet, one thing you can do is work on your essay. I get it, it’s not exactly the most fun thing to do, but you’ll be so happy you did come fall! To get you started, here are some gifs from The Office that will make you say “I feel that” once you’re done.

1. When you’ve finally made the decision  to start working on your college essay