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The Real World

TJ The Real World webThe semester is starting to go by fast just like everyone said it would and as a senior it is typical that my mind is racing to figure out what I want to do after I graduate. Will I find a job? Will I be happy at this new job? Should I go to graduate school instead? All of these questions and thoughts are not unusual so I don’t feel alone. Every senior goes through this with all their worries and hopes to have a bright future. My class, like any other, will be entering the real world with its infinite possibilities and possible failures. However, it will still be something to learn from that I am both nervous and excited to experience. Although I have learned many things from Juniata College, Professor Wei-Chung put it correctly when he said, “We are in a little protective bubble that is Juniata”. We are in this protective bubble that shields us from the outside world and the harsh reality that we are not yet prepared for, maybe we will never be prepared for it until we have to actually go through it with all of its unpredictability. That is why I am glad that Juniata has a variety of professors that will nurture their students and the ones that will tell you the brutal truth.

It’s the best of both worlds. The professors at Juniata have real world experience in the field that they are teaching so it benefits the students to learn what they need to know in order to succeed. It isn’t about just learning the general ideas and pushing the students on their merry way so they can cruise through college. The professors care about what they are teaching and want to provide us with the skills we need and can utilize once we enter the real world. Some professors incorporate a “Learning Experience” into their course, which means we get real experience with business, people, or programs as if it were a job that we need to know results for. It helps students by putting the knowledge from the course into action because what better way to learn then to experience things first-hand.

I’m not extremely worried about life after college because Juniata has provided me with many opportunities in regards to experience and I have built numerous connections through traveling and events. Career Services provide students with chances to attend seminars, meetings, and trips to job fairs so that we have resources and ways to improve ourselves. Juniata is so focused on providing every aspect possible to help its students not only through course work but with life. The curriculum requirements let you look at different subjects outside of your major so you can get a wide variety of knowledge. There is no limit and I have customized my major to my needs. I take the courses I want that will prepare me for the type of job I want or suits me in the future. Not many colleges allow you to do that, but Juniata does. I didn’t imagine that a college would provide so much to my future and care so much about it until now. Everyone at Juniata wants to help you to improve your future and that type of support is needed when trying to build yourself.