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Tis the Season of Basketball

My Juniata College Basketball family
My Juniata College Basketball family

In August, when the fall semester starts, something else also starts. Athletes begin their Coach Smith workouts. For Juniata College Women’s Basketball this means spending an hour everyday with their best friend and Juniata College Athletic Trainer, Coach Smith. Spending hours and hours with Coach Smith may be the worst and best experience of your life, but the best part is what lies at the top of the hill you have been sprinting up and down so many times that all of campus has now seen your “workout face.”

What lies at the top of the hill is the day in October when the official basketball season begins. On the first day of practice, you’re so nervous that you can’t tell if you have to throw up, go to the bathroom, or both. Once you start practice, you are so thankful for the killer workouts you had everyday with Coach Smith. Practice is not only full of learning new concepts, it’s also running sprints between your running drills. Some practices make your legs feel like they will never be able to walk or run again, but during all of that you have 12 other girls who are right by your side cheering you on to run faster.

Not only is playing the game and winning an amazing part of basketball, but its also the friendships you make. The newest way to bond with people is to go through killer workouts together! Getting through the workouts and practices is hard, but what gets you through it is your basketball family being your biggest cheerleaders and running right beside you until you finish.