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Accounting Careers – Changing but Relevant in 2022

Accounting remains a solid and sought-after career for so many. According to Forbes.com, “accounting has moved far beyond mere bookkeeping and payroll, and it’s taking an increasingly strategic role for forward-thinking businesses, snd technologies such as cloud-based data management, process automation, and advanced analytics are poised to further elevate accountants in new and empowering ways.”

At Juniata College, we agree and plan to be at the forefront of helping students prepare for their careers and passing the CPA exam. 

Dominick Peruso, Professor and Chair of Accounting, Business & Economics shares,

“Learning has to remain relevant in all aspects of business, and accounting is no different. At the graduate level, a student has to expect to engage in deep discussions and be willing to study, research, and develop an understanding of the practical applications of these discussions in 2022. Our students leave with a variety of career paths in mind. Their success results from the learning environment we work hard to maintain, discussion of practical applications, and willingness to do the hard work in and out of the classroom.”

Sean Cavanaugh’s experience is a perfect example of our grad students’ experience. Sean is currently a tax analyst at Schneider Downs & Co.Inc in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Sean Cavanaugh’s Experience. 

“I was a student in the Masters of Accounting program. The program was focused on precisely what I was hoping to get out of it, primarily CPA and workforce prep. 

The program helped me conceptualize and understand tax returns, and I use that daily to prepare tax returns now. And with what I learned in the program plus additional test prep, I’ll have my CPA license. My favorite class was Forensic Accounting! We read many fantastic cases and learned some interesting tools forensic accountants use to catch white-collar criminals. 

If you want to get your CPA license and work in public accounting, the graduate program at Juniata College is definitely worth it. You have to show up ready to learn and think every day because that’s how the business is, and the professors model the courses for practical application. The professors do want you to succeed, but they will make you work for it. “

For those entering the accounting field now, be prepared to take on more of a strategic advisory role and to tap into the technologies that will help you prepare. Core competency requirements for accounts are changing and require business acumen in other areas like strategic decision making and data mining. 

The Juniata College Master of Accounting program will emphasize the development of skills necessary for a productive long-term career and a firm understanding of current accounting theories and concepts. This understanding and development of skills will give students the knowledge they need to do well on the CPA Examination and achieve their career goals. 

Additionally, because accounting skills are still highly valued in the marketplace and can lead to career possibilities in corporate, non-profit, and governmental work, professors remain active in their fields and focus on providing discussions and learning environments relevant in 2022.