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My Plexus Inbound Experience.

I had the pleasure of meeting members of Plexus (a student organization that represents and serves underrepresented students from many different backgrounds) before classes started this fall and getting to bond during Inbound (which is a program for first-year students coming to campus a week before classes start to connect with fellow students with shared interests.) Many of us came from places where we either lived in cities or urban suburbs, so Huntingdon seemed a bit new to us. We experienced a multitude of activities together such as a high ropes course, exploring Lincoln Caverns, and a diversity workshop. We also almost always ate breakfast and dinner together each day of Inbound to signify a family meal


What I wish I knew – (Cruz)ilious Contreras-Amezcua ’23

Time is crucial in college, and anywhere really. In college, you’re given a pile of work to complete in a span of one to two days and probably a number of meetings too. On top of that, you have to make sure that you’re taking care of your needs (that means no holding your bladder until you finish that last essay sentence!). Things like making sure you’re eating meals, practicing good hygiene, even making your living space feel a little more like home. This can be especially difficult for first-year students to navigate if it’s their first time in an environment like this. Let’s be honest, it can all overwhelm you pretty fast.