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Points to Consider Before Choosing a Graduate Program

While enrollment in graduate programs seemed to peak in several areas during Covide-19, so did the due diligence process. Adult students are interested in quality. A more affordable graduate degree may be possible to obtain online, but students are also reluctant to act without understanding what that degree may mean for their career potential. That’s understandable. Any investment in your future requires a certain level of research. We’ve gathered a few of our most often asked questions to assist you in your decision.


Companies Need CPA’s

Companies and individuals need CPAs, and yet, according to the AICPA, 75% of CPAs are already eligible to retire. That means this is a career wide open for those willing to step in. But most graduates have two concerns; “Will I pass my CPA exam?”, and “Will I be poised to have long-term career potential in various industries?” 

We believe that our Master of Accounting program helps graduates to answer that with a resounding yes!!

Dominick Peruso, Chair of Accounting, Business & Economics, recently shared, “Because our faculty possess Big 4 and academic experience, we help successfully connect accounting theories and concepts to accounting practice. Our students are also well versed in communication, critical thinking, analytical skills, relationship building, and technology. These are the soft and hard skills that companies are looking for in the next generation of professionals.”


Leadership Expectations Have Changed

Organizations that survived the pandemic had to address and meet new expectations amongst their employees; for example many wish to maintain the ability to work from anywhere, communicate digitally, address social change, and remain innovative. The companies who continued to thrive during COVID often already had cultures of resiliency and innovation which they were, quite simply, able to put to work. 

In a recent study done by the AACSB, the results echoed this, 1 

“Respondents believe leadership skills such as openness, empathy, resilience, and the ability to communicate will be of greater importance post-crisis. Pre-pandemic,13 percent would have pointed to resilience as a necessary leadership skill; post-pandemic, that number increases to 34 percent. Other front-runner competencies that will help leaders navigate the new normal are core humane skills such as altruism and mindfulness, according to respondents.” 


Data is big news. Consider a Master in Data Science

Data is big news. From headlines that scream ‘Solar Energy Shines Brighter with Data Analysis’ and ‘How Can Big Data Analysis Help Professionals in the Music Industry,’ it’s no wonder that professionals across industries seek data science educational opportunities. 

Middle managers and young professionals charting their career path have always had to maintain an attitude of lifetime learning to bolster their promotability; there’s probably never been a more accurate statement to describe career advancement in 2021. One article, published in the UK, states, “Data is the new oil in terms of driving business competitiveness and innovation. As organizations increasingly rely on information from data for their decision making, the role of the data scientist will become ever more important.” 1

If you are a mid-level executive or young professional working in operations, finance, IT, and even in human resources, using data to assist you in decision-making is necessary. The industry you are in can push your decision even further. 


Choosing A Graduate Program on Flexibility and Quality

Juniata Admission
Juniata Admission

Choosing a graduate program can be a daunting experience, especially in recent months. One of the critical factors is where applicants are in life (continuing student, married with kids). Students moving from undergrad to graduate often have an easier decision, choosing to stay at their current institute or guided by professors or future employers to select a specific program. For those who have been out of school for a few years, or even a decade or two, the vetting process (and ultimate decision) can be a bit more daunting. We often find flexibility, cost, time commitment (due to current work schedules and family), and culture are the top reasons for Juniata to be their final selection.

Despite recent challenges facing education, people continue to have career and leadership goals moving them to pursue graduate degrees.