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Need Outdoor Activities for Fall in Huntingdon? Look no further than these destinations!

Every year at Juniata, my friends and I like to search town for fun activities to do near campus. Even in my senior year, we’re still finding new places to fill up our weekends.

Some of our favorite locations include a classic trip to Raystown. Sometimes we go down to the Seven Points Marina, where we have Mountain Day every year. It’s fun to enjoy our own little mountain day, but once it gets colder and the leaves start changing, it’s still fun to go hiking and take in all the sights. 

Seven Points Marina, Raystown Lake

You can also go up to Hawn’s overlook, which not only overlooks the dam at Raystown, but provides beautiful views at any time of the year! It’s just a short, flat trip down a trail from the parking lot, and it not hard to get to. It’s a nice place to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view.

Hawn’s Overlook, Raystown Lake

Another place my friends and I love to go to is further down the lake, called Trough Creek State Park. This state park is beautiful, with a lot of trails and breathtaking views. My friends and I try to visit here as often as possible, and I think that’s because this place provides some of the best scenery that central Pennsylvania has to offer. There is a wide range of trails to choose from, as well as picnic tables to enjoy a nice lunch in the sun. 

Trough Creek State Park
Trough Creek State Park

For people who really enjoy hiking, the Thousand Steps is another good place to visit for nature lovers. I remember being very shocked to find out that it is actually 1000 steps, but if you can make it to the top, you won’t regret it. The views are just too good.

Thousand Steps Overlook

If you’re looking to get into the Halloween season, there are other, more seasonal attractions, such as making the trip down to the Lincoln Caverns for their annual Ghosts and Goblins tour, which features a tour of the caves, which have been decorated to resemble a haunted house. It also features a ride through the surrounding woods on a wagon. It’s a great way to explore what the area has to offer while enjoying the spooky season!

 Overall, there are a lot of fun outdoor activities to do in Huntingdon and the surrounding area. If you’re into hiking or nature, there are a lot of places to explore, not just the ones I named here. I haven’t even begun to name all of the outdoor attractions that are available, but I have named some of my favorites. My friends and I often find ourselves scrambling to try everything new that we’ve discovered while also making time to visit some of our favorite places.

No matter what you choose to explore, there is always an activity that allows you to enjoy the beautiful autumn days in central Pennsylvania. Make sure to take advantage of our perfect placement in the middle of the outdoors! 

Thousand Steps
Trough Creek State Park

A Beginner’s Guide to Adulting on Campus in the Summer

I never understood adulthood until I had to buy my own silverware. While I was excited to start my new independent life (and first full summer out of my parents’ house), I was nervous to take on the responsibility of taking full care of myself. I couldn’t rely on late night burritos from Baker if I was hungry or the complimentary toilet paper in the residence hall bathrooms if I decided to eat the burritos.


“The Moove-Out Process”

Daniel Muleady ’22, Multimedia Production and Analysis POE, My Mom Thinks I’m Special

It can be as pretty or as not pretty as you plan it to be.

If you can line up your summer storage options, get rides to airports, and clean your room in time, you won’t have to deal with the giant ball of stress that swells up inside one of your ear canals in the latter part of the semester.

Hypothetically, let’s say you don’t do that. Let’s say you’re me. Entering my senior year, I don’t think I’ve really nailed the whole “move-out process thing” that everyone seemingly has figured out. Freshman year. Sophomore year. Junior year. Three strikes. But in this hellish ballgame, there are actually four strikes required to retire the batter so I’m ready to be locked in for senior year move out.

Here is a three-step process that covers about 89% of the problem areas of move-out:


Huntingdon “Flavor Town” Part 2 – Muleady Musings

Daniel Muleady ’22, Multimedia Production and Analysis POE, My Mom Thinks I’m Special

Juniatians and People of Huntingdon,

As mentioned in the first part of this series, I’m trying to share (and gather) alternate eating options to Baker Refectory. There are many options that I have yet to provide – all unhealthy – but hopefully in the coming weeks, I might have some “community recipes” to share with everyone from your suggestions.

But for now, let’s get started where we left off. We last talked about Domino’s and Sheetz. Duh. No brainer. But let’s get into the more niche options.

Jumbo China Buffet – $$

Awesome Kung Pao Chicken. Terrible Pork Loin fried rice. I’m not sure how this happened but it has. Always get the Kung Pao with the white rice (why would you turn down free rice). It also heats up nicely.


Huntingdon “Flavor Town” Part 1 – Muleady Musings

Daniel Muleady ’22, Multimedia Production and Analysis POE, My Mom Thinks I’m Special

Juniatians and People of Huntingdon,

Sometimes, the ever faithful “Cinco Cantina” station at Baker can’t deliver. Perhaps you’ve already exhausted your fill of the “Clean Plate” stir-fry with onions, black beans, snap peas, both meats, white rice, and bell peppers doused in oil (rather than water, since oil gives it that desirable distinctly roasted flavor). In fact, is it really even stir-fry if it’s just sautéed in a regular frying pan instead of, being fried in a wok?

Just like my old gym teacher used to say, “The more of something you have, the more of it you don’t want.” –Old Gym Teacher

Not to slam Baker Refectory – I think the food has massively improved over the three years that I’ve been here. But every once in a while, I’ll finish my dinner, drop my plates off at the wash site, and there is a peculiar emptiness in my stomach that can only be filled by non-Baker food.

As a junior going into my senior year in the fall, I’ve compiled a list of my “go-to off campus college meals” that nourish my soul, yet are tremendously unhealthy if they ever replace your regular meal schedule. Also, I will add that the majority of these are not vegan/vegetarian/gluten/lactose friendly despite my lactose-intolerant digestive system but I do guarantee that they are a delicious balance between stomach and soul satisfaction.