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I Worked On a Senior’s Capstone Film by Daniel Muleady ’22 | Student Vlog |

Juniata Admission

I had the chance to work on Alyosha Perez’s senior capstone project – “The Screen Between Us.” Here’s what happened.

Reacting To Old Footage with Anna Sule ’22 | Student Vlog

Juniata Admission

In her vlog, Anna Sule ’22 watches some videos from Juniata College’s past. She reacts to videos from Homecoming 1996, Homecoming 1988, and film reels from past graduations and campus events.

I Tried to be a Public Safety Officer for a Day w/ Claire Alfree ’22 | Student Vlog |

Juniata Admission

In her next vlog, Claire Alfree ’22 tries to be a Juniata College Public Safety Officer for a day while also getting to know Officer Miles on a more personal level. Juniata College. Think about who you are. Learn more by visiting: https://www.juniata.edu#studentvlog#juniatacollege

being busy | the brohan show | Student Vlog |

In this episode, I talk about being too busy these days, and what I want to do about it (a lesson learned from last semester). Join me as I talk about taking breaks, what I cherish the most being here at Juniata, and watch a cool drone shot of Daniel and I riding our bikes into the sunset – thanks Jared 😉

Stay Warm with Daniel Muleady ’22 | Student Vlog |

Lawn Man Dan is back at it making us laugh (and composing music)! Keep out the cold this winter with warm smiles and strong friendships. This week, Daniel Muleady ’22 shares some of his most treasured memories during his time on campus.