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Companies Need CPA’s

Companies and individuals need CPAs, and yet, according to the AICPA, 75% of CPAs are already eligible to retire. That means this is a career wide open for those willing to step in. But most graduates have two concerns; “Will I pass my CPA exam?”, and “Will I be poised to have long-term career potential in various industries?” 

We believe that our Master of Accounting program helps graduates to answer that with a resounding yes!!

Dominick Peruso, Chair of Accounting, Business & Economics, recently shared, “Because our faculty possess Big 4 and academic experience, we help successfully connect accounting theories and concepts to accounting practice. Our students are also well versed in communication, critical thinking, analytical skills, relationship building, and technology. These are the soft and hard skills that companies are looking for in the next generation of professionals.”

Recent research points out that recruiting into the field of accounting is changing. Companies recognize that continual professional development, opportunities to move up the corporate ladder, and culture will be critical to new hires, perhaps even more important than lucrative salaries. And companies are willing to change to meet the needs of the Gen Z accountant, as long as their new hire is well-trained and competent. 

The stereotypical notion of an accountant as ‘bean counter’ couldn’t be farther from the truth. If students are willing to look for the right career fit, accounting remains an exciting field.  According to a recent article on Collive,

Public accounting is a profession that involves tremendous relationship-building. Accountants work on projects as part of a team, and as people move up the ladder, we have the opportunity to lead teams. We serve clients, and our ability to develop relationships and foster trust with both colleagues and clients, and building our network, is crucial to achieving success. [efn_note]https://collive.com/from-touro-to-the-big-4/[/efn_note]

Additionally, students do not need to focus their career path solely on working for accounting firms. All companies look to have competent and creative accountants on their teams. These career paths remain both exciting and impactful. It’s all about understanding that if you know accounting and are willing to learn about a company, their needs, and what drives them financially, you can apply your skills across industries. For example, if you like accounting and advancing a noble societal cause, you can look for positions within non-profit organizations. These positions are available. 

Juniata excels at helping students apply their graduate learning to their passions and chosen career paths. Accounting is one field where these opportunities are fruitful. 

As virtual opportunities begin to flourish, accounting more than ever before, is being hailed as a global opportunity. Students can look forward to competing in both remote/virtual and in-office environments. The options will be there if they are willing to become and stay competitive; while developing strong leadership skills.

According to the Journal of Accountancy, 

An essential part of cultivating a growth mindset is taking the initiative to pursue professional development opportunities without being asked. A 2020 survey of CFOs in the United States conducted by talent solutions firm Robert Half found that 51% of respondents were pursuing development opportunities on their own during the pandemic.[efn_note]https://www.journalofaccountancy.com/newsletters/2021/aug/develop-growth-mindset.html[/efn_note]

Peruso summarizes with this, “At Juniata, we are well aware of the statistics as accountants across the globe retire, and we are focusing on ensuring that our graduate programs continue to develop the next generation of leaders in accounting. We are proud of our personalized attention and learning and career outcomes. Whether you are coming to us immediately upon completing your bachelor’s degree or are a working professional aiming to become a CPA, the Juniata Master of Accounting program provides several competitive advantages.”

Accountants are needed. Are you up for the challenge?