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COVID-19 makes us #JuniataStrong

Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

First, and most importantly, how are you? There’s no question the pandemic that the Coronavirus has caused is affecting us all in so many ways, too many actually. You might be a student going through their college search, a parent of a college-bound student, or anyone involved in higher education really.

All across the country, colleges are handling COVID-19 in different ways and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Heck, it’s hard for us too and we even work at a college! Some schools are closed, others aren’t. Some have moved to virtual classes for the remainder of the semester, some aren’t. Some have shut down visits to campus, and you guessed it, others aren’t.

You’re probably frustrated because you don’t have answers. Has the application deadline been extended? How do I get my transcripts submitted? Is there any way I can still visit?

When Juniata has answers, you have answers.

By now, I hope you’ve seen that our admissions team is dedicated to building personal relationships with all of our prospective students. Just because we aren’t in the enrollment building, doesn’t mean we’ve disappeared. We’ve actually made some pretty neat set ups in our homes to continue our work, but I don’t want to speak for my coworkers. Your personal admission counselor is a mere phone call, text, or email away. We’re always down to FaceTime too!

Our entire campus community from staff and faculty, to our current students learning remotely are facing the Coronavirus head on. It’s made us strong and we use that strength to support all of our prospective students and their families.

I encourage you to keep checking our website for any and all updates. We’ve extended our application deadline, we’ve moved our visits to being virtual, and we’ve moved our monitors and corkboards to our homes too. Reach out to your personal admission counselor at any time at all, we’re here for you. We’re #JuniataStrong