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Dear Alfie – Answering all your Juniata questions – Round 2!

Caroline Benfer ’21

Hi Future Eagles!

Welcome to the Dear Alfie blog! For those not familiar, Dear Alfie is an opportunity for prospective students to ask a current Juniata student questions about life here. Consider it a way to get Juniata info straight from the source.

My name is Caroline, I’m a rising senior at Juniata and my POE is environmental science. I have several jobs in the admissions offices, and I love just about any outdoor activities with hiking, camping, kayaking and cycling being my favorites. I’m also an avid gardener, music enthusiast and novice baker. Due to quarantine, I’ve recently discovered my wine making abilities and I have acquired two fluffy friends, khaki campbell ducklings Flora and Fauna. 

Dear Alfie…

What are some things you wish you knew about Juniata (whether it’s dorms, classes, campus life, etc) and why?

So, I’ll give some student insight about each! Dorm life is pretty fun as a freshman, I highly recommend keeping your door open and introducing yourself to your fellow hallmates, as you will spend a lot of time with them, and if you’re lucky, they will become your best friends. Keep in mind too that there is laundry available in the basement of each first year residence hall and most of the first-year designated dorms have kitchens in the building and all students have access to these amenities. Custodial staff members assist in cleaning first-year residential halls in the bathrooms, hallways and lounge areas, but bringing a vacuum to keep your individual room clean is a good idea. There are printers and Wi-Fi available to all Juniata students located in academic buildings and residence halls. And most importantly, if you should have any issues never be afraid to reach out to Residential Life.

Classes are a joy! With the student to faculty ratio of 10:1, classes are intimate and offer a personalized education that you won’t find anywhere else. Almost all classes are taught by faculty members, not Teaching Assistants or Graduate Students, and professors will post and display office hours so you can go to them at any time with questions, comments or concerns. Even just to have a friendly chat with your favorite prof!

It’s incredibly easy to get involved on campus. With over 100 clubs on campus to participate in, there’s bound to be one that sparks your interest, and if not, you can easily found your own Juniata Registered Student Organization. https://www.juniata.edu/campus-life/activities/clubs.php Throughout the year at Juniata you can involve yourself in various campus traditions such as Lobsterfest, Mountain Day, Tenting, Madrigal, Springfest and Liberal Arts Symposium just to name a few. Additionally, Juniata College Athletics hosts and play games throughout the week and weekend attracting students, faculty and community members.

Are international students allowed to live off campus after 1st semester ends?

We are a residential college, so everyone lives on campus. Currently, our “off-campus” options, which are college owned houses and apartments are only available for upperclassmen. Freshmen live on campus in residence halls during the full year. If there is a housing or roommate issue, Residential Life will help you resolve the issue or will assist in finding you a new room.

Is there any dorm in particular you recommend is best for freshman? Is there anything you recommend as a necessity for our dorm or just in general?

As a first-year student I was a Sunderland Hall resident. Affectionately referred to as Sundy, I met my first friends here on the third floor and truly enjoyed my experience and the atmosphere of Sunderland Hall. Though now as an upperclassman, I know that the freshman experience is more about the people, and less about the building. Both Sunderland and Sherwood do tend to be a little rowdier than Tussey, Terrace or the all-female, Lesher. Additionally, Lesher, and the connected Tussey and Terrace are home to more than freshman, allowing for upperclassman to live in these residence halls as well.

Although Juniata has custodial staff employed to help us keep our bathrooms and shared spaces neat and tidy, I recommend bringing a vacuum to clean your own room. A rug or carpet is a good idea as the tile floor can get a little cold. Bringing your own mini refrigerator and microwave for use in your room is a good idea, sharing the financial burden by coordinating the purchase with your roommate is a great idea too!

At such a small college, do you ever find yourself bored?

With so many activities to involve yourself with both on and off campus, I never find myself without something to do. Between academics, clubs and extracurriculars, athletic games to watch, concerts or lectures to attend, friends to hang out with you will find yourself being constantly busy on campus. And if you’re looking to branch out, downtown Huntingdon has many cafes, restaurants, boutiques and the famous Clifton 5 movie theatre, the surrounding area offers some of the region’s most beautiful trails for hiking, biking or camping. With Raystown Lake in our backyard, Juniata students often flock to the shores during the warmer months for swimming, boating and general summertime fun. Also, we are situated just half an hour from State College or Altoona for shopping malls and a variety of restaurants.

“Is it late to reach out to the coaches?”

Depending on what sport you want to play, but the general rule of thumb is that any time is a good time. https://www.juniatasports.net/information/directory/index You can find the athletic directory and come into contact with the coach of your preferred sport(s). Emailing or calling your coach will give you a clearer answer to your athletic questions. Though I can say, all of my roommates represent Juniata on the field or court and they love the athletic program at Juniata!

I hope you found this helpful! Didn’t get to ask a question this time around? No problem! You can in the next round of Dear Alfie. Thanks for reading!