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Experiencing Inbound Firsthand

Juniata is known for its amazing traditions. From Madrigal to Mountain Day, there are many fun events that are planned for the students all throughout the year. One of the favorite activities that Juniata has is that of Inbound.

Inbound is designed for the incoming freshmen, transfer, and international students. It is a retreat program that helps the new students get to know each other and their new environment a few days before classes start. There are many different retreats that students can choose to join, all involving different themes. From theatre and mountain biking, to community service and dance, there is something for everyone.

As a current freshman, I had the honor of participating in Inbound this year and was lucky enough to make it into my first choice retreat: Around the World. My group was targeted for students who are interested in languages, study abroad, or who are international students themselves.  Our leaders had lots of fun activities planned for us that would help us get to know each other while engaging in our worldly theme.

One of the first things we did was take a hike up to the cliffs. Near Juniata, there is a path that leads into the woods and out onto some gorgeous cliffs that give a magnificent view of the natural beauty that surrounds our school.

We got a walking tour of downtown Huntingdon and ate lunch at one of Juniata students’ favorite hotspots; Standing Stone Coffee Company. The delicious food and warm ambiance create a welcoming atmosphere for the busy college student looking to take a break or get some work done away from campus.

One of the highlights of my Inbound experience was our trip to the Pittsburgh Zoo. I had never been to Pittsburgh before, so I was incredibly excited to see what the city was like. After the three hour bus ride, we arrived at the zoo and dispersed to go gawk at the animals and learn about creatures from all over the world. After the zoo, we then got some free time to go and explore the downtown shopping area, Market Square.

From movie and bingo nights, to a trip to Raystown Lake, I had an incredible Inbound experience. I made some amazing memories with some amazing friends, and it is something that every incoming Juniatian should be ecstatic for.

-Juliana Shugar ’23, Spanish and Secondary Education POE,
Disney-loving ice cream connoisseur