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Finding Fun through Lobster Fest

Contrary to popular belief, this is more than a time for students to stuff their faces with shellfish. Lobster Fest is a long held tradition at Juniata, and it’s a great opportunity for new and returning students to see how they can get involved with different sports and activities on campus. My expectations were low as a freshman going into Lobster Fest, but little did I know that the quad would transform into a garden of activities and excitement.

At every place you turned there was something new. Pokemon club, physics club, PRISM, ministry of games, German, Chinese, French club and more. I personally put my name down for the rock climbing club, yoga club, and PAWS club just to name a few.

The enthusiasm everyone brought to the table (literally) was contagious and I loved the passion every student had for their clubs. Whether new or returning, students were passionate and excited to welcome others who shared their interests. The environment was so welcoming and there truly was something for everyone. Into Harry Potter? There’s a quidditch team! Like math? Join the math club! Do you like sitting and relaxing with a nice cup of tea? Join the tea club and have lively discuss while sipping on your favorite tea with friends.

Through Lobster Fest, the nature of Juniata and the loving supportive atmosphere it exudes is crystal clear. Not only was it a gorgeous day, but it was a great time to hang with friends, get involved, and eat some really delicious food.

-Catherine Shea ’23