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Finding things to do in the Face of Boredom Adversity

Coming to Juniata was not a hard choice for me. Once the acceptance letters came in and I was left looking at Gettysburg and Juniata, my path was clear. I knew I would get a phenomenal education and be ready for whatever grad school or med school had to throw at me. What I didn’t know was whether or not I would be bored out of my mind for four years. I come from a small town in northern New Mexico, so I am used to the mild boredom that is bound to accompany living in a small rural community. On the other hand, central Pennsylvania with its Amish communities and verdant “mountains” would end up being a completely different experience. The summer before I left for Juniata, my coworkers teased me, saying that I was going to return the next summer sporting an Amish wife and several Amish children on my hip.


Thankfully that was not the case. When I arrived in Huntingdon I was struck by its picturesque quaintness. Huntingdon has a pleasant mix of revolutionary war era buildings next to more modern edifices. Huntingdon is a far cry from towns like the neighboring State College, home of Penn State, but it has its own blend of unique activities to offer. Standing Stone coffee company is a local favorite of students and townsfolk alike. After we are done studying there during the day, we often stick around for the monthly Saturday night trivia. (We haven’t won a single round or game yet, but we’re sticking with it!) Downtown we have a wide array of restaurants and cafes offering everything from pizza to scones.


If you’re not in the mood for food, you could head out to the bowling alley or movie theater and catch the latest blockbusters in our five screen movie theater. But if you are feeling cooped up and need some fresh air there is the beautiful Peace Chapel trail system only a mile walk from the college. It’s a great spot to run or hike or bike or to just sit and ponder. And of course if you tire of the rural life, State College is just a short drive away with somewhat more to offer the young college student seeking entertainment.


Whenever prospective students ask me whether or not there are things to do in Huntingdon, it’s never a hard answer. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a small rural community like Huntingdon, or maybe it’s because I have grown used to life in Huntingdon, but I never feel bored at Juniata. There is always something to do. Sometimes you just have to go out and search for it.