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Five Things You’ll Forget to Bring for Fall Semester

Let’s be honest: on Day 2 of the fall semester, you’ll wake up in your half-made bed and curse yourself for not having the forethought to bring a water bottle. As your parched throat cries out for water, you’ll suddenly realize that the only option in these COVID times is the shower. We’ve all been there! Last year, when I forgot to bring dish soap, I was in denial that the bathroom hand soap was NOT an adequate substitute for all of my cleaning needs. Not to worry, I have compiled a list of things that, over the past three years, I routinely forget to bring with me to college. Hopefully, this will help you prepare for this coming fall semester. Enjoy!

Frisbee (or other lawn gear)

Sometimes on a warm fall day, you’ll find yourself looking out at the expanses of lawn and wonder, “Wow, I wish I had something to do out there.” Every fall, the frisbee team likes to take over and in the spring there are always some freshman guys that play catch or Spike Ball on the North lawn. Do yourself a favor and find a way to enjoy these beautiful open areas: bring a book, bring a hammock, bring a chair – SOMETHING.


Look, it’s not super essential. But it’s also way too easy to fall into the trap of ordering in all the time from Dominos or walking down to Sheetz. These seemed like really enticing options back when I was a freshman and sophomore, but nowadays I find myself craving food that boosts my mood and energy. I’m no health nut but a well-planned trip to Weis will see yourself stocked for a week full of rejuvenating smoothies.

This Thing

You will absolutely kick yourself the day you spill some Spoon and Fork concoction all over your white Juniata hoodie. If you don’t have some kind of stain remover (this just so happens to be the one that 90% of students have), you’ll be up the Muddy Run without a Rothrock Outfitters-rented paddle. 

Christmas (Decorative) Lights

Don’t let your room look like a cell. I know it can come off as tacky, but if you can find a way to hang them in the room that also complies with whatever fire safety restrictions the building requires, your room will look infinitely better. And it definitely won’t seem like such a drag to come back to after a long day in other peoples’ rooms. 😉

Command Hooks/Strips

Did you know? Uncovered vertical wall space is among one of the leading causes of somber looking rooms. Don’t be intimidated. Command Hooks are utter life savers, especially in Cloister. You can’t hang things from the ceiling. No worries! I use these to hang my keys, my umbrellas, my Christmas lights, my headphones from the side of my desk, various LED light strips, and other things you can think of to help take advantage of the aforementioned wall space.