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From the West Coast to a Winter Campus – Snow what?

There’s one aspect of returning to Juniata after a long Winter break which never fails to catch me by surprise. It seems a lot of my more localized peers here at Juniata take this winter phenomena for granted, but coming from the dry West Coast, it’s part of what makes Juniata a special place to me. Getting to walk in, look at, and even getting covered by snow when some falls out of a tree are just a few reasons of why it’s so wonderful to be back here at school.

Ellis Hall getting flurries!

Spending most of my childhood in environments where snow was never even a passing thought, my Juniatian classmates and friends love poking fun at me. They say, “Hey, there’s that dude from California who can’t handle the cold!” Even though I was born in New York, it’s sad to me to have to admit I was never old enough to remember a real, ice cold white winter before arriving here. Back home, most of my friends have never seen snow in person! When I go home for a long break to see family, I’m embarrassed to admit that I tend to forget what snow even looks like myself. That is, until I’m back at Juniata with winter rolling around, and I receive a swift reminder.

While I am very appreciative of the new experience, but for many prospective students, I’m sure trading sunbathing for snowball fights is never an easy decision. For that purpose, I’m going to list some favorite, very Juniatian, snow day activities.

Snowball fights on the quad! Study breaks with music, food, and friends in the dorms. Sledding! Alfie the Eagle would definitely approve. Here at Juniata, consider using the cold winter as an excuse to spend some extra time hanging out with and bonding with friends, participating in school activities, and going to an indoor sporting event in Kennedy where you can stay nice and warm. Did I mention it’s men’s volleyball and basketball season?. 

Ending on a snowy note, here are some of my lasting impressions of snow: Lots of little flakes that come together to form one solid coating of slushy, double-edged fun! This California boy very quickly learned I needed to add a few new winter outfits to my war(m)drobe, but that won’t stop me from loving the beauty of it for as long as each winter lasts. With the global temperature on the path to increasing, let’s make sure we appreciate the snow while we can. I will personally be spending the remainder of my time this winter, counting each individual snowflake. 

In actuality, it’s important that if you haven’t experienced it already, do what I did and come on a tour of our campus. You too will fall in love with the snow. Or you may just realize that you need to find a suitable winter coat for your next visit.

Stay warm Eagles!

-Theo Weinberger ’21, Communication POE, California Skater Dude