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Huntingdon “Flavor Town” Part 1 – Muleady Musings

Daniel Muleady ’22, Multimedia Production and Analysis POE, My Mom Thinks I’m Special

Juniatians and People of Huntingdon,

Sometimes, the ever faithful “Cinco Cantina” station at Baker can’t deliver. Perhaps you’ve already exhausted your fill of the “Clean Plate” stir-fry with onions, black beans, snap peas, both meats, white rice, and bell peppers doused in oil (rather than water, since oil gives it that desirable distinctly roasted flavor). In fact, is it really even stir-fry if it’s just sautéed in a regular frying pan instead of, being fried in a wok?

Just like my old gym teacher used to say, “The more of something you have, the more of it you don’t want.” –Old Gym Teacher

Not to slam Baker Refectory – I think the food has massively improved over the three years that I’ve been here. But every once in a while, I’ll finish my dinner, drop my plates off at the wash site, and there is a peculiar emptiness in my stomach that can only be filled by non-Baker food.

As a junior going into my senior year in the fall, I’ve compiled a list of my “go-to off campus college meals” that nourish my soul, yet are tremendously unhealthy if they ever replace your regular meal schedule. Also, I will add that the majority of these are not vegan/vegetarian/gluten/lactose friendly despite my lactose-intolerant digestive system but I do guarantee that they are a delicious balance between stomach and soul satisfaction.

Domino’s – $-$$

The pasta bowls are incredible. My favorite is, of course, the Chicken Alfredo bowl. It really is worth it in my opinion to pony up the extra money to get the bread bowl since it is enriched with garlic and compliments the Chicken Alfredo really well.

The 2 two-topping medium pizzas for $5.99 each is awesome if you like leftovers or you have a roommate. While my favorite is the Buffalo Chicken pizza, it is considered a premium recipe and therefore doesn’t fall underneath the umbrella of this particular deal (found underneath the Coupon tab, by the way). However, after much trial and error, I have reconstructed the recipe to only have two toppings. (Rather genius if I say so myself).  First, chicken and buffalo sauce as the toppings. I usually go for Garlic Parmesan sauce (it will destroy you later, but totally worth it), but whatever you choose, DO NOT choose a tomato-based sauce or no sauce. Both of those options are terrible and I would highly discourage this choice.

Finally, I cannot comment on the Chicken or the Sandwiches at this time, but I will get around to that eventually (part to of this post coming to a blog near you soon!). You can really get the price down on these meals by sticking to the coupons or having a friend walk/drive you down to Domino’s so that you don’t have to pay the extra $3.00 for delivery (unless it’s winter, in which case that seems like a fair delivery price).

Sheetz – $-$$$

Their Personal Pizzas are only $2.99 which is a crazy cheap price. The hot dogs are even cheaper. Of course, you have to arguably sacrifice quality if you want to eat cheap but you can spice up the hot dogs with chili and different sausages/buns.

I always get the chicken appetizer plate. You get a whole bundle of chicken/mozzarella sticks/mac and cheese bites (which are the best things Sheetz has) for about $5.00. How can you not like that?

Finally, my guilty pleasure is a $7.69 priced 3-pack of Crispy Chicken Shnack Wrapz with add-ons of Bacon, Ranch, Provolone Cheese, Salt, Pepper, and Old Bay seasoning. While it’s a bit pricy, I ALWAYS am full after ordering only these and $8.00 is not a bad price at all for a hearty filling.

Sheetz is open ALL NIGHT which is the best part about it. However, the food rarely stays for more than a few days. I would say use Sheetz as final resort rather than your first plan. You don’t really get good leftovers with Sheetz.

There’s more where this came from folks. Keep an eye out for Part 2 of my reviews coming soon!

P.S. If you have anything you think I have missed, PLEASE contact me at muleads18@juniata.edu. I am an avid food lover and I’m always looking for other eating options.