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MBA and More…Driving My Future Forward

The ultimate goal of the Juniata Masters of Business Program is to develop technical expertise in our graduates (in the functional areas of their focuses: accounting, finance, marketing, economics, human resource management, and operations). But, more importantly, to teach, mentor to, and inspire innovative leadership by providing meaningful international study, project management, and consulting experiences through executive mentors and hands-on business opportunities.   

Bryce Walter is just one of our graduates putting this experience to work. 

MBA and More…Driving My Future Forward

  • Bryce Walter, ’20 – Masters of Business Administration 

I completed the Masters of Business Administration and am currently an Account Executive and Marketing Strategist at the YaZo Group based out of Altoona, PA. In this virtual position, I assist with and act as an account executive within the marketing operations of several clients across many industries.

Completing my MBA has paved the way for future opportunities as my family grows and potentially relocates, or even for an opportunity within YaZo as it grows. I keep my eye on what’s going on in the marketing industry. Many companies require additional education for a promotion or leadership role, and I want to eventually be in strategic (marketing) leadership. My MBA sets me up to quickly step into a position when the opportunity presents itself. In my current role, I am using concepts I learned about daily – team dynamics, leadership psychology, and business practices at the leadership level.  

I am proud to recommend Juniata College to fellow business colleagues. I honestly enjoyed and learned from every course and professor. However, my favorite course was an International Business course taught by John Lash. The content was everything you’d expect to find in a Master’s-level course. We had to open our minds to the conditions of the world outside of the United States. Professor Lash offered some interesting and current global issues to ponder while writing the papers and talking in the class meetings/forums. 

The three biggest reasons I believe anyone considering an MBA (or another advanced degree) should consider a Graduate Degree at Juniata are class size, faculty, and affordability. The classes at Juniata are not large, and you are not just a number. The professors know a lot about you from the beginning. The faculty is an excellent blend of well-versed professors and adjunct faculty who currently work, or have worked, extensively in the fields in which they are teaching. In terms of cost, you will have difficulty finding a better degree that offers the value found at Juniata College. You cannot go wrong with attentive, highly experienced professors teaching you for a fraction of the price of many other comparable programs.