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I graduated from Juniata and never left

Terri Bollman-Dalansky ’85, Senior Associate Dean of Admission

My name is Terri Bollman-Dalansky, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, and even though I graduated from Juniata in 1985, I’m still here.

When I drive to work, I have flashbacks of my mother, older sister (who was already in college), and me traveling to Juniata for my campus visit almost 40 years ago.  It was the middle of May of my junior year of high school, and I was on a whirlwind tour of visiting over 13 colleges.


We are Juniatians no matter where we are.

Taylor Hallabuk ’20, Strategic Communication POE, Free spirit navigating life through Kesha songs and spontaneity


I always knew leaving Juniata would be my hardest goodbye, but having the last two months of my senior year taken away has made that goodbye so much harder. I had no idea that as I eagerly packed my 2008 Honda CRV for my spring break trip with my friends to Georgia, that those would be my last moments on campus as an undergrad. I hugged my roommate goodbye, ironically packed the lightest I ever have in my life, and didn’t look back as I drove away, thinking that I would return to campus in just ten short days.

I didn’t know – nobody did.