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Thank You, Juniata

Maggie Peck ’21 Biology/ Pre-Dentistry POE

As a senior, my time as a Juniata College student is quickly coming to an end. As I prepare for my next steps in life, I wish to reflect on all that Juniata has given me.

I will miss these peaceful mornings on campus.

Firstly, I have received a comprehensive, quality education. When searching for a college, I was looking for an academically focused institution. As an aspiring dentist, I wanted to go somewhere that would prepare me for professional school. Through my visits at Juniata, I felt assured that this was the right place to continue my education. I knew that I would be challenged intellectually while having opportunities to explore my own curiosities and interests. My experience has exceeded all of my expectations. The faculty members at Juniata have expressed their genuine interest in my success, which has allowed me to thrive in this educational environment. I feel confident and exceptionally prepared moving forward, and hope to find the same cohesive, supportive environment in dental school.

Juniata also brought me back to softball. After high school, I decided against pursuing athletics in college. At the time, I wanted to focus on academics and settle into college without the stress of playing a sport. However, at the end of my first year I found myself missing the competition and comradery associated with participation in athletics. So, I decided to join the Juniata College women’s softball team. Through playing softball in college, I have grown as an individual, leader, and team-player. I also have gained a group of teammates who I cherish, and I will never forget the memories that we have made on and off the field.

My housemates and best friends in front of our house at the start of senior year.

Along with my teammates, I am blessed to have met some incredible people through my journey as a JC student. During my first year, I was worried about integrating into a new environment with 1,500 unfamiliar students. Having graduated high school in a 98-student class, Juniata was much larger than I was accustomed to. I fortunately found a roommate in the summer before my first year who quickly became my best friend. We navigated freshman year together and vowed to try new things while testing our comfort zones. This led us to find a wonderful group of friends. I also met my boyfriend here, as well as other talented, diverse individuals who have broadened my perspectives of the world. I will forever treasure the memories we have created together.

These past few years at Juniata College have truly been the best of my life. I never dreamed that I would be lucky enough to learn and grow in a place that is so extraordinarily unique. I take comfort in knowing that no matter where life takes me, a piece of Juniata will always be in my heart.