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Why Juniata Grad in the New Year?

2022 is expected to remain a jobseeker’s market. That means many Americans are looking at entirely new and exciting career changes. They are willing to take a step back, look at market demand, and do the things required to enter that field – even exploring a master’s or graduate degree.

Data Science Student Testimonial

According to a recent CNBC release, the opportunities exist across sectors and at all levels. Potential students, especially those who continued to work during Covid-19, are looking to advance their careers in this market, not just re-enter the workforce. And to advance, they want to differentiate. Juniata provides students with an opportunity to do just that in accelerating fields.

Data Science Professor Gerald Kruse shares, 

“Juniata’s Master’s in Data Science is designed for people looking to enhance their background in Data Science to position themselves in a rapidly growing field. The courses’ online and generally asynchronous nature allows professionals to balance their graduate studies with their jobs. In addition to the core courses, students have some flexibility to explore various electives.”  

Data Science is just one example of programs offered at Juniata that keep pace with marketplace demand. According to Analytics Insight, “The demand for a qualified data scientist is increasing as there is a huge gap between demand and supply chain.” We would love to help fill that gap.

Masters of Data Science

Juniata’s Master’s level program is designed for individuals with bachelor’s degrees who want to learn data science, with no prerequisites for computer science or statistics courses. With the flexibility for the 30-32 credits of lessons to be taught entirely online, with optional once per semester weekend boot-camps for cohort building and software setup, the program demand is increasing. 

If you are leaning more towards a focus on biological data, opportunities abound in 2022. A December ASBMB article echoes our sentiments in a fascinating article interviewing bioinformatics data scientist Kelsey Florek. 

“If you are considering a bioinformatics career, now is the time, Florek said. There are many laboratories hiring, but there are not many applicants.” 

We believe that any potential student considering bioinformatics should be compelled to seek additional information in their decision-making process. The next few years will be the perfect storm for education, leading to careers of choice for so many. 

Masters of Bioinformatics

Juniata is set apart as a leader amongst a group of educators who seek to incorporate cutting-edge, high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies and computational methods that provide students with hands-on opportunities to apply this technology to investigate biological questions. Juniata students can design their curriculum to specialize their education further and follow one of two tracks: Computational concentration or Biotechnology concentration.

While the growth in data science is no secret to anyone exploring the internet, business, across sectors, is exploding. Mid-level professionals are seeing this growth for its worth and are considering their upward mobility (and what a career change could look like). While all business programs are expanding, those looking to take advantage of upward mobility seek out Organizational Leadership Degrees for everything that the name implies. Companies are being impacted by the great resignation and lack of dedication to staying in one place. That requires organizations to look internally for their best employees to educate and promote. This may mean they are more willing to train and pay for education, providing a lifetime opportunity for entry and mid-level managers. 

According to Chiefexecutive.net,

“As remote and hybrid working become normalized, leaders recognize that in 2022 they will need to devote more time to building new working cultures to match. Welcome to a world of frequent check-ins and continuous feedback, where agile, collaborative employees are most likely to thrive.”

We know that is precisely what our Organizational Leadership program builds leaders to execute. Our program will

develop and enhance your leadership skills for career growth in the for-profit, nonprofit, or public sectors.

Masters of Organizational Leadership

The interdisciplinary structure of the Juniata’s Organizational Leadership master’s degree program features our College’s distinctive expertise in conflict resolution. This expertise will enable you to earn a master’s degree that focuses on conflict and change, social entrepreneurship, collaborative partnerships, and the ability to think broadly about leadership, which is exactly what companies are seeking in 2022.

Regardless of your program of choice, we remain committed to offering Master’s level programs that echo the needs throughout the economy. Our professors are dedicated to their fields. Our admission staff understands the decision-making process required to enter into a graduate-level program, and we are here to help you explore. 

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