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Law N Order with Daniel Muleady (Rating Juniata’s 259 Lawns) | Student Vlog | Juniata College

Meet our 4th and final vlogger, Daniel Muleady ’22! In his first vlog, Daniel takes you on a critical yet emotional dive into some of Juniata’s most revered lawns and grass patches. Lawns, the groundwork of suburbia, are often taken for granted. Today, we learn what makes and breaks our fertilized friends. When Daniel approached the vlogger crew with his idea for his first vlog, we expected humor. But what we didn’t realize is that there’s a reason he’s attached to the lawns at Juniata. Are you curious too? Watch through to the end to find out why he decided to rate all 259 lawns at Juniata.

Huntingdon Part 2 | Episode 6 | Summer Special w/ Brohan

Let’s ‘settle’ the rivalry between OIP and All American, find out about some well-kept secrets in Huntingdon, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll find out about the oldest barbershop in all of Pennsylvania. (ahaha wait what). Also, stay tuned 😉 brohan cooking up some specials for the non-summer special show – coming soon! (yes I referred to myself in third person)

Huntingdon Part 1 | Episode 5 | Summer Special w/ Brohan

Take a tour of the metropolis of Huntingdon and explore some best-kept secrets, downtown restaurants, and learn more about the history of this beautiful place.

Exploring (temporarily) abandoned buildings at Juniata | Episode 4 | Summer Special w/ Brohan

Take a look inside temporarily abandoned buildings at Juniata, throwback to the last semester, and meet my friend Nikunj! – Rohan

What I wish I knew – Alisha Boerstler, Assistant Dean of Admission

Alisha Boerstler
Alisha Boerstler, Assistant Dean of Admission

I didn’t believe this 10 years ago, but there is, in fact, zero chance that you will wreck your life by choosing the “wrong” college. Or the “wrong” major. The wrong roommate? That might be more serious. I had one who slept during the day and worked on her assignments, lights on, from 1:00 – 5:00am. But that’s another story.

I was a giant ball of stress my senior year of high school, largely because I felt so much pressure to choose the perfect college so I could get the perfect degree so I could land the perfect job…etc. There are thousands of colleges in the US, as you have probably discovered, which can be overwhelming. Do I want a rock wall? Do I want to go to Vermont? Do I want a D-1 field hockey team? Do I even know how to play field hockey? (No.) I painstakingly narrowed down my search criteria to three things: