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Here’s what I’ve learned in my first 100 days at Juniata

Matthew Connor
Matthew Connor, Admission Counselor

Now that I have completed 100 days as an admissions counselor, I wanted to share some of my story. Before telling you about my role, I think it is important that you understand through what lens I view things. After graduating from college with a degree in Secondary Math Education, I began substitute teaching in hopes of getting hired full time. Through these efforts, I was hired to teach a variety of different math classes to 8th grade students. I worked in this position for four years, along with sharing my love for baseball by coaching at the high school.


My own college rejection story

Kat Swantak
Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission


Now that our office is busy at work sending out decisions, I couldn’t help but remember my devastating college rejection story.

Way back when, I applied Early Decision to a Particular Highly Selective Liberal Arts College Which Shall Remain Nameless thinking, “Ooo! This will definitely help me get in since I’m committing so early. They’ll definitely notice my demonstrated interest!” Yeah…it doesn’t really work like that, Kat.


So, you’re starting the college search journey…

Jason Moran
Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing

Did you know? – Every year, college-ready students around the country opt to not attend college because they lack needed information and guidance.

Did you know? – The college application process is potentially one of the most stressful times of a student’s high school career.

Did you know? – The reality is, there are hundreds of millions of scholarship dollars available in the United States, and many — if not most — of these scholarships are attainable by regular students with regular accomplishments –


COVID-19 makes us #JuniataStrong

Kat Swantak
Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

First, and most importantly, how are you? There’s no question the pandemic that the Coronavirus has caused is affecting us all in so many ways, too many actually. You might be a student going through their college search, a parent of a college-bound student, or anyone involved in higher education really.

All across the country, colleges are handling COVID-19 in different ways and it’s hard to keep track of them all. Heck, it’s hard for us too and we even work at a college! Some schools are closed, others aren’t. Some have moved to virtual classes for the remainder of the semester, some aren’t. Some have shut down visits to campus, and you guessed it, others aren’t.