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17 Office gifs that show the struggle is real when writing your college essay

Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

Working on your college apps? As we all know, the essay is a key part to any college application. Sometimes you go through what seems like endless drafts and even picking a topic can be daunting. When it comes down to it, you’ll be happy when it’s finished. In the mean time, here are some gifs from The Office that will make you say “I feel that” as you go on your essay writing journey.

1. When you’ve finally made the decision  to start working on your college essay

2. When you find out that your first choice school requires 3 supplemental essays

3. But your other top contender doesn’t require any

4. When one of the essay prompts asks you to write about a person you admire

5. …and then you pick one

6. When you’re working on a supplement for a school and the prompt is crazy specific so you just wing it

7. When the prompt asks you to write about how your generation will change the world

8. When you’re asked to write about a time where you overcame adversity and you draw a blank

9. When you couldn’t possibly write another word without a snack break

10. When you’ve worked on your essay for 10 minutes and you’re already over it

11. When your friend won’t stop talking about all the progress they made with their essay

12. When your  mom asks to read your essay and she doesn’t like it

13. ….but she wants to offer you suggestions on how to fix it

14. …and there’s a lot of them

15…so you choose to ignore them

16. When you write 5 different versions of the same essay and you hate them all

But then…

17. When you’re finally happy with how your essay turned out

Hey, you got this! Now go put that pen to paper.

As always, it’s a great day to be an Eagle!