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How to get into Juniata College

Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

Don’t you just love the fall? The foliage is colorful, the air is brisk, and the crippling stress of college application deadlines are all around us.

Well, maybe the third one isn’t so great given November is prime time for many Early Decision and Early Action deadlines for colleges across the country. Even Juniata’s Early Decision deadline is November 15. Don’t worry though, our first Early Action deadline is December 1, so you have plenty of time to apply afterward. 

With college application season in full swing, one question we consistently hear from prospective students in our admission office is:

“How do I get into Juniata?”


17 Office gifs that show the struggle is real when writing your college essay

Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

Working on your college apps? As we all know, the essay is a key part to any college application. Sometimes you go through what seems like endless drafts and even picking a topic can be daunting. When it comes down to it, you’ll be happy when it’s finished. In the mean time, here are some gifs from The Office that will make you say “I feel that” as you go on your essay writing journey.

1. When you’ve finally made the decision  to start working on your college essay


Recreating a day + Juniata traditions + The cliffs | Episode 2 | Summer Special w/ Brohan

Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

Check out episode 2 of Rohan’s Vlog! This week, Rohan Bandekar shares what a typical day at Juniata looks like, talks about his favorite traditions, and visits the cliffs for some cool drone footage.

Summer Special w/ Brohan – Episode 1

Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

Introducing our brand new student vlog, Summer Special w/Brohan!

8,000 miles away from home in the middle of a global pandemic, Rohan Bandekar is experiencing his first American summer…right here in Huntingdon! Check out episode 1 of Rohan’s vlog as he begins his summer in Huntingdon and experiences his first cheeseburger fresh off the grill.

A big shout out to all the school counselors out there

Kat Swantak, Assistant Dean of Admission

Can we just take a moment to give a huge round of applause to all the hardworking school counselors out there?

This year has been absolutely bonkers when it comes to getting students ready for college. As if applying to college wasn’t hard enough, COVID-19 put a huge wrench in the process. No, wait. I take that back, make that like 10 wrenches. Heck toss a screwdriver and a hammer in there too. Every year, standardized testing policies change, application deadlines get extended, and lists or requirements grow longer. But what stays consistent is the true dedication school counselors have to their students’ success.

If you’re a school counselor, thank you. I can’t even count how many calls I’ve had with you to advocate for your students that happen after school hours or even over the weekend. I can’t imagine how huge your caseload is, yet I always see you make time for your students. You field emails from stressed students and parents on Saturdays, and you assure them that colleges actually did receive your their scores even though they may have received an email saying we haven’t.