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JC Divers take on Florida!

Stephanie Letourneau
Stephanie Letourneau ’20 , Environmental Science POE, Dimpled, outdoor loving, MD girl, pursuing passions

Bubble, bubble…..swish…..bubble…..glub….glub…..swish….

Those my friends, are the sounds from under the sea.

During the fall, the scuba diving club provides an opportunity for students to get scuba diving certifications and it also helps offset the cost. In the spring, students can go on a spring break trip to go diving somewhere other than a lake or a quarry in Pennsylvania. I was not able to take advantage of getting scuba certified while on campus, but after getting certified during my study abroad experience in the Galapagos, I was able to join the trip this year!


Juniata’s mock trial team slays the competition

“Who is Juniata College?” This is a question asked often at mock trial tournaments that Juniata College mock trial team attends. The American Mock Trial Association’s representative said it best at this year’s regionals: “Juniata College is the team that’s shocking the mock trial community.” Juniata College’s team has only been a program for two years and is already nationally ranked and competes across the country.

Juniata’s mock trial team is ranked third in Pennsylvania and second among private colleges in Pennsylvania. They also hold the highest rank of any of their peers, including Bucknell, Elizabethtown, Franklin and Marshall, Susquehanna, Dickinson, and Allegheny College. The team has received numerous individual awards. Vidal Glassman, Tessa Senel, Oliva Drake and Nattie Deversa all received outstanding witness awards and Mallory Duplantis and Meadow Walshaw-Wertz received outstanding attorney awards this season.


My Juniata Athletics Experience

Maggie Peck
-Maggie Peck ’21, Biology POE, Pre-Dentistry

When I made the decision to continue my education at Juniata College, I also decided to end my career in sports. I had played sports since the fourth grade and continued to play soccer, softball, and basketball throughout my high school years. However, in college I wanted to focus solely on academics and keep my options open to other extracurricular activities. I thought about taking up dance, as I had when I was younger, or finding a new passion. During my freshman year, I stayed true to this plan. I delved into my schoolwork and found some new hobbies. I took up some intramural sports.


The Dreaded First Year 15

I’m proud to admit that I have lost my First Year 15. Much of the hearsay about college has made it seem almost inevitable that parents will foot the bill, but also by the student in the form of baggy eyes and a little extra “chub” around the edges. In my first year of college, I gained over 30 pounds. In my second year of college, I made it a goal to get back the “pep in my step” so I can continue to compete at the varsity level. Now as a junior, I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life. In college, having a healthy lifestyle can be tough because living alone is a first for many undergrads. Balancing a healthy lifestyle and enjoying your newfound independence can be a struggle for any new college student!


Rock Climbing at Juniata

Let me start by saying, I love rock climbing. Before I came to Juniata, I worked at a rock climbing gym and climbed a few times per week and I was scared that there would be no place to rock climb and no friends with the same interest as me here. I was wrong.