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The Five Types of Juniata College COVID-19 Student

Jules Slater
Jules Slater ’21, Advocacy Communication POE, Future Mayor of Picklesburgh

After having the chance to observe my fellow Juniata students for the past three years, my key finding has been that we tend to be creatures of habit. We eat at the same tables in Baker meal-to-meal, we do the same activities day-to-day, and some of us even head to the gym or to the library at the same time each day.

This year, a global pandemic has forced many of us who are habitual beings into new territory; and we’re all coping differently. With that, I introduce to you the Juniata College COVID-19 student. While some of us may share coping mechanisms, I’ve noticed that many students have gravitated, either by choice or not, to one of these five categories.


Cleats and Corona

Talia Bertrando
Talia Bertrando ’22, Business Communication and Spanish POE

“I can’t tell if I’m out of shape or this mask is making me think too hard about breathing.”

The same thought went through my head as my teammate spoke it. I had just gotten done doing sprints around the lacrosse field with pushups or sit-ups at each corner. I could feel my gator mask around my face and neck, semi-wet with my own sweat. I could taste my own mask whenever I took a breath through my mouth and smelling my own sweat when I took a breath through my nose. Neither option was ideal, and I felt as if I was breathing and sweating harder than ever. But really when I thought about it, I was having a great time.


Taking My Friends on Dates on Campus Pt 1 with Anna | Student Vlogs |

Juniata Admission

Anna Sule ’22 and Rohan Bandekar ’22 enjoy a romantic picnic on the quad, while talking student-life and academics at Juniata. Things get a bit awkward. Juniata College. Think about who you are. Learn more by visiting: https://www.juniata.edu #studentvlog #juniatacollege #studentlife

From Portland to Huntingdon: Why our small town beats the hustle and bustle

Olivia Cooley
Olivia Cooley ’23, Social Studies Secondary Education and French POE, That tall one from Portland

2,684 miles away from here, tucked deep into the heart of the Pacific Northwest lies the incredible city of Portland, Oregon. Home to delicious food, incredible opportunity, and breathtaking views, it can be hard to think a city girl like me ended up finding her home in a small town like Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. But I did, and I could not be happier.


11 Ways to Survive College during a Global Pandemic

Maggie Peck
Maggie Peck ’21, Biology/ Pre-Dentistry POE

When I used to dream about what college would be like, a pandemic was never a part of the picture. However, we now find ourselves adapting to a new, COVID-19 world. College can be difficult, and a pandemic doesn’t make it any easier. So, here are my 11 tips for surviving college during a global health crisis:

1. Treat your personal hygiene and safety as a top priority.

Our top priority is to stay on campus. Without hygiene and masking, this is impossible. So, protect yourself while protecting others. We’re all in this together!