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I’m a first generation student – Where do I belong?

Fernando Gomes, Assistant Dean of Admission

First-gen. If you’re not familiar with the term, that’s okay, because I’m about to tell you why it’s so important. If you are familiar with the term, its likely had an impact in your life and how you view yourself, especially while you figure out which college to go to.


Here’s what I’ve learned in my first 100 days at Juniata

Matthew Connor, Admission Counselor

Now that I have completed 100 days as an admissions counselor, I wanted to share some of my story. Before telling you about my role, I think it is important that you understand through what lens I view things. After graduating from college with a degree in Secondary Math Education, I began substitute teaching in hopes of getting hired full time. Through these efforts, I was hired to teach a variety of different math classes to 8th grade students. I worked in this position for four years, along with sharing my love for baseball by coaching at the high school.