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Graduation: How is it Here Already?!

Can you believe I’m going to be ordering my cap and gown next week? Senior salute is in just a couple of days. Not only will I be trying on hats and gowns for size, but I’ll be tying up loose ends and deciding what’s next for me as I say goodbye to the staff from offices around campus.

What’s next for me? I was able to obtain a job in Philadelphia working for an adult education center, starting over the summer as an early education coordinator and transitioning into a night class teacher. While working, I plan to take pre-requisite credits at Temple University for speech pathology with hopes of continuing my education as a fulltime graduate student in the fall of 2018.

My education at Juniata College was individualized—I got exactly what I wanted from it. I picked Juniata so that I could have an undergraduate degree in something more marketable than pre-speech pathology. This was because I wanted to be more marketable and be able to work while attending graduate school so I could afford it and also so I could be gaining experience while still in academia.

I’ve already made this connection with the adult education center from two summers ago, I worked with them as a rising junior. Now, I am doing exactly what I wanted to do because of my marketable degree in Education Studies and Human Development.

I look forward to the years of possibility ahead. This is just the beginning. There are six weeks left of classes and 47 days until I take that walk down and switch over that tassel. It’s all just so surreal!

It’s Shelby’s Turn to Give Back To Juniata College

As a recent Juniata graduate, I am so excited to be an official member of the Admissions team!  Here’s a little bit about me including my experiences at college, my hobbies, random facts, and whatever else I could think of mixed in between.

I graduated!

That’s me, Shelby Cassell.

So what could be a better way to start than to talk about Juniata?  Each time I visited Juniata while I was in high school it rained.  That did not, however, keep me from seeing how great this place is.  My favorite aspect of Juniata is the sense of community it has.  I love how friendly everyone is from the faculty to students to administration…I could go on and on.  I did not get enough in my four years here as a student so now I am sticking around for more!  In May I graduated with a degree in Health Communication and a secondary emphasis in Spanish.  Working in various positions at the Enrollment Center for the past year allowed me to learn about a new career path that I am now pursuing.

Besides working on campus, I also played volleyball while at Juniata.  It was so much fun to be a part of a team here on campus and make so many great friends through the years.  We traveled many places together including St. Louis, San Antonio, Rochester, and others.  It was always most fun, though, to play in our own gym here at Juniata surrounded by friends and professors cheering us on.  I actually flew on a plane for the first time in my life when we traveled to Texas my freshman season!

My volleyball team, and our beloved Eagle, at our annual “Dig Pink” game to raise funds for Breast Cancer awareness.

My volleyball team, and our beloved Eagle, at our annual “Dig Pink” game to raise funds for Breast Cancer awareness.

In addition to Juniata, I love the outdoors!  I can’t stand to have a day go by during which I haven’t spent time out in the sun.  Hiking, running, and vacationing at national parks are just a few outdoor activities I enjoy.  I have been to Yellowstone, Acadia, Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt, Grand Teton National Park, and more.  Hopefully in the next few years I can make it to Denali in Alaska and Redwood in California.  Recently, I went camping at Raystown Lake near Juniata.  The picture below was the view from my campsite!

SC Raystown Web

When I just need to get away, though, my family cabin is the first place that comes to mind.  While at my cabin there is plenty of wildlife to see including elk, deer, bears, etc.  I make sure to pack my hiking shoes, comfy clothes, and of course my latest book.  Sue Grafton is the author of my favorite series about the adventures of a private investigator and currently I am working through U is for Undertow.  I also enjoy reading health and fitness magazines.  My latest hobby that I am working on developing is cooking so if you have any favorite recipes, feel free to share them with me!

Me and my 2 year old Springer Spaniel at my cabin in Elk County, PA.

Me and my 2 year old Springer Spaniel at my cabin in Elk County, PA.

Some other random facts about me include that I enjoy watching movies and I find Steve Carell to be especially funny, my favorite colors are blue and purple, I love just about any kind of seafood, Red Lobster is my favorite restaurant (makes sense right?), I like to spend time with family and friends whenever possible, and I enjoy going to the beach during the summer.

I am looking forward to expanding my horizons through my work with Juniata Admissions.  I will definitely be looking for new natural areas, restaurants and fun things to do in my region!  If you have any questions about Juniata please do not hesitate to contact me!


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