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SPRINGFEST: A Tale of Many Sunburns (and some other fun stuff too)

Hands down, today was the best day I have ever had at Juniata.  To start, the weather was beautiful, especially compared to the nasty conglomeration of precipitation the meteorologists like to call “winter mix.”  The sky was clear and the wind that had plagued us all week had diminished to a light, almost refreshing breeze.  All of this provided a lovely backdrop to the amazing event of Springfest.  Every spring, our Juniata Activity Board, more commonly referred to as JAB, puts on a day-long event to celebrate the coming of spring and the sun and the warm weather that comes along with it.

Figure 1: Not the most majestic of pictures, but hey, Ferris Wheel.

Figure 1: Not the most majestic of pictures, but hey, Ferris Wheel.

This year Springfest was Coachella  themed, as the JAB member who  planned the event told me.  They  brought in four performers from  across the northeast, including Lee  Dewyze the winner of season nine of  American Idol, and an amazing  acapella group out of Canada call  Eh440 (check them out they were  AMAZING).  The event ran from noon  to seven in the evening and every hour  of the event was packed with bouncy  castles, food trucks, three encore  performances from the Downbeat  Percussion group, and a Ferris Wheel.

For me, it wasn’t the terrifying awesomeness of a Ferris Wheel (what?  I’m afraid of heights) or the red chili chicken burrito served from a food truck that mad the day so memorable.  I think I can take the liberty to say that for most, Springfest is the first day in a long time that they can leave their rooms and homework, and bask in the warmth of a sun that is too often hidden during the winter months.  It’s a time to let loose a little before the final projects and tests start flooding in, robbing us of any time that we might otherwise have spent on the quad, lazily hammocking.

Even though I still have several homework assignments ahead of me tonight that I should have worked on today, I don’t regret spending my entire day outside.  Sure, I’ll be a little more tired this week, but it’s also only three days long for me (thank god for Easter weekend and not having classes on Thursdays).  My skin will also be red as a beet and burning up due to sunburn, but being uncomfortable for a few days will be well worth the day of music and food and fun that I just had.

Ain’t No Life Like the Reslife

Your Resident Assistant is as important to your freshmen year as the friends you make during those first few weeks on campus.  The RA is not just big brother listening at the door for shenanigans, they are also a friend and mentor.  I have been an RA for the past two years and I can honestly say that if I had to go back and do it all again, I would still choose to be an RA.  I have gained an overabundance of leadership experience and I have also gotten to meet and build relationships with some pretty amazing people.

Figure 1: Three of our amazing RA's for next year, and one very odd RD... you decide who is who.

Figure 1: Three of our amazing RA’s for next year, and one very odd RD… you decide who is who.

Among those great people are the Resident Director Brett Greene, Residential Life Coordinators Kevin Turner and Jason Francey, our Director Tasia White and Penny Hooper-Conway.  First, Penny is a saint.  She is our Associate Director of Reslife and she is the glue that holds the office together.  She has been there the longest and her experience shows (and is much appreciated) during times of high stress, like Room Draw.  Tasia, the Director of Reslife is new to her position but not new to Juniata.  I spoke with her last semester when she was applying for the job and her passion for Reslife and her love for Juniata are the main reasons that I recommended her for the position (though as a lowly RA my input probably had little to do with her hiring).

As freshmen, the RLC you’ll encounter most Is Kevin Turner.  As the Senior RA of Sherwood Hall, it has been my pleasure to work alongside Kevin this past year to develop the freshmen community in that building and across all our first-year buildings.  Next year he’ll be working with Senior RAs Becca and Ellie, in Sunderland and Sherwood respectively, to continue to grow the communities in those buildings and improve upon the programming that we offer.

The most exciting thing about next year is the staff.  We have biochemists and zoologists, an expert bowler (with his own perfectly white bowling shoes) and a lacrosse player, a member of the Juniata Concert Choir and a kid who likes to ride bikes a little too much (though I can’t talk because I run a lot so…).  We have a diverse staff and we all have very diverse interests and personalities.  What we do have in common is a love for Juniata and the drive to make others feel as welcome here as our RA’s made us feel when we were freshmen.

Coach Smith and Beyond

That's THE man, Coach Smith.

That’s THE man, Coach Smith.

When you’re a student athlete at Juniata, your best friend is Coach Smith. Now while everyone has their love/hate relationship with Coach, myself included, we all have to admit the rockin body he gives us is awesome. Between the speed squats with chains and the Friday stair work out with our sand bags, the athletes at Juniata spend a lot of time in the gym with Coach. The best part about Coach Smith workouts is it only takes one off-season for him to turn you into the smoking hottie you were meant to be.

Oh, by the way, Coach Smith is casually one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the country and pretty much any big state institution would give anything to get him, but he chooses to stay at JC, which is awesome. He’s in such high demand because he can turn literally anything into a torturous workout. He uses random things from towels to scuba divers’ weights for arm work outs, ship chains and sliding boards for a leg work out, and stairs anywhere on campus for a cardio session. Coach also invents all these work outs you can do by yourself without any equipment or machines that are just as, if not more, tiring than anything you would find at a gym.

Coach Smith not only focuses on the physical side of training, but incorporates the mental side as well. He pushes each individual athlete to get out of their physical comfort zone to overcome mental barriers. He trains the mind and body to work as one to improve an athlete’s performance both on and off the court, field, or any other place you could play a sport. I personally have learned so much about how my body moves and how to lift or condition properly to get the most out of my body for volleyball while staying healthy. Coach Smith’s work outs not only make you stronger and a more efficient athlete, but also train you how you can mentally and physically overcome any obstacle using your mind and body.

Look at those awesome muscles!  Thanks, Coach Smith.

Look at those awesome muscles! Thanks, Coach Smith.

If you really want to get an amazing work out, Coach has a noon work out every day that anyone can go to. The cool part is that it’s his own work out too, so you get to sweat with the elite. I highly recommend it, especially if you would like to feel like you got hit by a bus the next morning. Kidding (sort of), they’re not that bad.

A Day in the Life of a JC Athlete

As you can imagine, student athletes have a little bit of a different schedule than other students at Juniata. We don’t have too much free time to nap, or watch tv, or hang out with other friends. If you plan correctly, you’d be surprised by how much you can fit into a day. Below I walk you through my typical Monday schedule (one of my more busy days).

A day in the life of a JC women’s volleyball player:
5:40am – Rise and shine!
6am – Practice starts
7:30am – Run back to my room to take a quick shower, grab something to eat (usually fruit or yogurt), and get ready for class
8-8:55am – Anthropology
9-9:45am – Nap Time! (best part of the day)
10-10:55am – Calculus I
11am – Go to the library and do work
12-12:45pm – Get lunch at Baker with the team
1-1:55pm – Biology Seminar
2-2:55pm – Organic Chemistry Concepts II
3-3:55pm – Rural Health Issues
4-4:45pm – Get ready for my hour workout with Coach Smith and do some reading
5-6pm – Coach Smith workout
6-7pm – Team meeting with the volleyball coaches

The rest of the night I’ll do homework, meet up with groups for projects, and relax. I try to go to bed by 11 pm because I have 8am lab Tuesdays and Thursdays, but that doesn’t always happen.

Also, Coach Smith is the greatest thing that will ever happen to you – but I’ll save that for a later post. But basically, he’s one of the top strength and conditioning coaches in the nation and creates specialized workouts for each team here.

I’m not going to lie, getting used to a hectic schedule is hard. But if you stay organized and can resist procrastination (which I personally am a victim of), you can esily get used to it. I also have a lot of support from my team and coaches, because they’re all going through it too.

Don’t ever let a busy schedule intimidate you. Balancing classes, practice, sleep, and a social life is a lot easier than you think, if you stay organized and can plan well.


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