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Snakes in a communication class?

I am not a snake person. There are people out there who find the slimy, sometimes life-threatening reptiles interesting or cool, but I am not one of those people. I certainly would never go out of my way to see a snake. As a business communication POE, I never expected a college course to somehow land me two feet away from a four-foot Eastern Ratsnake.


Foreign Forever Memories

Last year, bored and antsy, I sat in the cafeteria reading the Juniata announcements. I read one informing students about a class still taking students. It was not a memorable day, but the information I learned led to me emailing a professor, joining a class, and getting an opportunity to learn in a life-changing way. There are some situations that you realize will be forever-memories even as you live them. I lived a forever memory this past May in a traditional kimono. Perhaps I should mention that my forever memory occurred in Kyoto, Japan all thanks to that Juniata class.


What I wish I knew – Talia Bertrando ’22

“Who made you queen?” was a phrase used by my mom multiple times throughout my childhood. Whenever I made brainless decisions without approval or demands without manners, I was brought down to earth with the pointed reminder that I was, in fact, not royalty. I gradually grew into this knowledge of my lack of birthright, and often remembered the phrase to keep my ego in check. This phrase followed me as I transitioned from a sassy seven-year-old demanding snacks to a college-obsessed seventeen-year-old praying I would find a college I would like for all four years.