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Organizational Leadership – In Demand and Necessary in Today’s Changing Workplace

Organizational Leadership continues to be both a buzzword and a solid career path. Leaders who have formal education and willingness to continue learning will find themselves at the heads of companies and organizations over the next decade. The last two years have shown us that work environments and work requirements are ever-evolving. New leaders will need to be able to evolve with those changes. Flexibility, fast-changing technology needs, diversity, conflict management, a need for collaboration across hybrid workplaces, and a constant focus on innovation to remain competitive are driving the requirements for future leaders. Those stepping into leadership must be able to handle all that and more. 

Organizational Leadership master programs are poised to be engaged in by graduates with varying backgrounds and those looking to further their education. 

Even before COVID -19, The Harvard Business Review predicted that leadership skills and organizational capabilities would become different from those that helped leaders succeed in the past. They further recognized that traditional executive learning programs no longer adequately prepare executives for the challenges they face today and those they will face tomorrow.

Because of this, organizations have grown weary of supporting many traditional master-level or organized learning programs. Organizational Leadership programs must be able to deliver and be interdisciplinary. Students must receive expertise in conflict resolution, change management, social entrepreneurship, collaborative partnerships and master the ability to think broadly about Leadership in for-profit, nonprofit, and public sectors. 

Organizational Leadership will become an expected continuation of their undergrad studies for many students. And for many “already at work” leaders, it’s the desired way to remain competitive in their careers. 

We are proud of the distinct experience, support, and expertise that sets our program apart at Juniata College. Our graduates feel the same.

Madison Troha – Organizational Leadership was the Perfect Step to Help me Meet Both My Career and Education Goals

I was in the organizational leadership master’s program from 2020 to 2021, and now am the Executive Director of The Heart of JCo, a small nonprofit based in Huntington County. I’m also a full-time Ph.D. student studying higher education administration at West Virginia University!

The rigor of the Organizational Leadership program genuinely prepared me for the academic program that I am in now. The content was relevant, and all of the assignments encouraged deep analysis and critical thinking, which really pushed me and ultimately helped me become a stronger, lifelong learner. There’s no doubt it’s helping me in my current position and has forced me to think more broadly about leadership and my future career path.

The support and advice from faculty and program coordinators were crucial to my success. My favorite class was Conflict and Change with Dr. Teresa Ralicki; however, the support I received (from all the faculty) throughout the program was incomparable. Although the faculty at Juniata College pushes you to be independent and to think on your own, they are also always there when you need them. It’s the perfect collaborative learning environment. 

I relied on Juniata faculty members to guide me through my capstone research, make valuable connections within my field, and serve as resources as I considered my next steps after the Master’s program. I believe Organizational Leadership will continue to be one of the most sought-after Master-level programs. I believe Juniata’s program will continue to be cutting-edge and current.