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My Two Worlds – Reflecting on Fall Break

Going home for the first time after being gone for two months is a weird experience to say the least. I was of course ecstatic to go home, see family and old friends, sleep in my own bed, and most importantly see my dog. Although, I couldn’t help but feel slightly conflicted when I got there. I found myself wanting to walk around campus, or go to Baker with friends. I even caught myself instinctively grabbing my dorm room key when I walked out of my house. Home is home, but Juniata is becoming my new home as well. It took me a minute to get accustomed to being home again, reverting back to an old schedule I’d had for so long. I spent four nights back in New Jersey, and Sunday came way too soon. I felt like I just left Juniata and now I was leaving all over again.

But being excited to go home and see family made sense, feeling ready to say goodbye didn’t, and I was even more conflicted as I realized I was a part of two worlds. Maybe I’m the only freshman who feels this way, but going back to something old can be weird after having started something new. Still, I’m grateful that Juniata as well as my family are able to make moving back and forth so easy.

While going home showed me that I was a part of two different worlds, it also marked the transition into a whole new season. Prior to break, there were still remnants of summer left. Now though, it feels like the fall festivities are really being kicked into high gear. Baker is completely decked out in spooky decorations, pumpkins are being carved, candy is being eaten, and Huntingdon hosted a fall parade! I can’t wait to see what other fun Halloween activities Juniata has in store!

-Catherine Shea ’23