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Rock Climbing at Juniata

Let me start by saying, I love rock climbing. Before I came to Juniata, I worked at a rock climbing gym and climbed a few times per week and I was scared that there would be no place to rock climb and no friends with the same interest as me here. I was wrong.

One of the clubs here on campus is the Rock Climbing Club. I signed up for the club during Lobsterfest, a big event here on campus where all of the clubs gather on the quad and new students sign up to join them. After I signed up and went to the first club meeting, I was hooked. The members of the club are extremely nice, easy-going, and free-spirited people. They have trips to local outdoor rock climbing spots and indoor gyms during the winter.

Two months ago, a group of 10 club members and I went outside to climb at a local place called, Donation Rock. We set up our hammocks between trees, played music, and climbed using rope (like you see in typical pictures of rock climbing). We stayed for half the day and had a relaxing afternoon hanging out with friends. Everyone was cheering each other on and enjoying nature. The best part about climbing that day was that most of the people were new to climbing, so they learned all these new skills and techniques. The club is open to beginners and advanced climbers alike.

Last weekend, the club went indoor climbing in Pittsburg and they are planning a spring break trip somewhere out West. After school today, I even went with two of the club members to Donation Rock and we climbed on our own. That is one of the great things about the Rock Climbing Club, you meet so many new friends that you can climb with them whenever you want. If you want a really relaxed club and you want to learn a new skill, climbing club is definitely for you.

Tessa Senel ’22, Professional Writing POE with an Environmental Emphasis,
Fluffy haired, rock climbing, nature loving, tea enthusiast