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12 gifs that are too real if you applied to Juniata

Assistant Dean of Admission

Wait, where did this year go? Like, actually. I can’t find it. I think I left it in 2019 somewhere. I feel like I just started reading applications a week ago, and now it’s half way through April. Many of you have already found your future home at Juniata, some of you are still deciding (Don’t worry, we’re still here!). You all have one thing in common. You all applied to Juniata. Did your journey look something like this?

When you discover that Juniata even exists in the first place:

When you finally figure out that it’s pronounced “joo-nee-at-uh” and not “juanita”:

When you have no idea where Huntingdon, PA is:

When your admission counselor calls you out of the blue just to introduce themselves and see how you’re doing:

When you attend one of Juniata’s virtual visits:

When you decide to apply and discover that Juniata doesn’t have an application fee, they’re test optional, AND they don’t require a supplement:

When you visit campus in person and your admission counselor remembers your name, your high school, and what you wrote your application essay about:

When your admission counselor calls you again just to see how you’re doing:

When you get your financial aid award and see how generous it is:

When you join the admitted student Facebook group and connect with fellow students that share your interests:

When you finally decide to submit your deposit:

When people ask you why you picked Juniata:

I had so much fun picking these out. The pronunciation one still cracks me up. So, was it accurate? I hope so. If you’re still deciding on which college to go to, Juniata might be the place for you. Whenever you’re ready you can submit your deposit here.

As always, it’s a great day to be an Eagle! Wings up y’all!