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Another Amazing Homecoming and Family Weekend!

As students have finally begun to settle into the workload and pace of the school year, Homecoming Weekend is finally here to give us a much needed jolt of energy and school spirit. The chance to see alumni and families, have special events on campus, and go to energetic sports games simply can’t be passed up! Every year has me counting down the days until this weekend. There are so many appealing aspects of having a homecoming weekend on a small yet exciting campus such as Juniata!

Our mascot, Alfie the Eagle, hyping up the crowd!

As denoted in its name, Homecoming Weekend is a time for alumni and families to come home to current students and the College. On day one of the weekend, I have already seen countless heartwarming reunions between alumni, students, and parents. Tonight I went to the women’s volleyball game, where I instantly recognized many alumni and loving parents present to support JC sports! Despite the heartbreaking 3-1 loss to John’s Hopkins University, the support and love for the Eagles was apparent at the game. I expect a similar energy on Saturday as Juniata’s football team takes on Muhlenberg College.

While football games are considered the icing on the cake that is Homecoming Weekend, there are plenty of other events to look forward to this weekend. Women’s volleyball is back Saturday night at 7pm in Kennedy Gym to play Messiah College. The lacrosse team has their Blue/Gold intersquad scrimmage Saturday morning, and the men’s and women’s rugby teams have games on campus Saturday and Sunday. Juniata’s field hockey team is also playing Moravian College at home directly after the football game. Juniata’s soccer and tennis teams both have away games this Saturday that are available to be streamed on www.juniatasports.net.

There are also plenty of non-sporting events on campus this weekend for everyone to enjoy. Some notable happenings include the Carnival on the Quad, a concert being put on by Sammy Miller and the Congregation at Rosenberger Auditorium, and a reception for students and alumni to mingle and share their Juniata stories.

The many events going on at Juniata can be tons of fun for students, alumni, and families alike. However, Homecoming Weekend at Juniata isn’t just about going to sports games or hanging out with friends around campus. Juniata’s Homecoming is truly made amazing through the efforts of current students which we make to rekindle old bonds. It’s a special time for us to once again see our families, and especially our alumni, who take time out of their busy lives to come home and remember what it means to be a Juniatian.

-Theo Weinberger ’21, Communication POE, California Skater Dude