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The Water Bearer

Juliana Shugar ’23, Spanish and Secondary Education POE, Disney-loving ice cream connoisseur

One of the things that I knew I wanted to do coming to Juniata was to get involved with the theatre department. Looking back on my freshman year, I am so happy to say that I was able to accomplish that goal, and was lucky enough to perform in several shows, the most recent one being The Water Bearer.

This show was student written by Juniata seniors Cosimo Sciortino, Lana Boyd, and Peter Rankin. It brings the zodiac signs to life and follows the story of a young Aquarius on their journey to discover themselves. [HMP1]  In The Water Bearer, I got to play Gemini, and I must say it is one of my favorite roles I have ever done. It was so much fun to explore the depth of the character and interact with all the different zodiac signs throughout the show. Our seniors did an absolutely incredible job writing this show and directing us through it. It was a really unique experience to be part of a brand-new play that had never before been performed. It allowed us so much freedom and creativity, and it was an experience I will never forget.

In being part of The Water Bearer, I not only got to meet so many new people but was also able to act alongside some old friends who had previously performed in Julius Caesar with me. My favorite part about doing the shows here at Juniata is how much everyone involved loves putting them together. It is such a wonderful community of people within the theatre department, and I consider myself so lucky to be a part of it.

To any of you out there who are thinking about getting involved in theatre, regardless of whether you are planning on coming to Juniata or not, do it. You will make so many amazing friends and memories you will never forget, and you will be a part of an incredible process that changes people. If we do our job right, the audience walks out of the theatre different people than when they came in. To have that kind of impact on people is phenomenal/fantastic/inspiring – just something that isn’t “incredible” because it was used two sentences ago. So, if even a small part of you has the tiniest desire to try out theatre, do it. It’ll change you while you go change the world.